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Association Comittees and Working groups

Infrastructure management

The committee aims to enhance the competitiveness of the Catalan logistics system, as well as their management mechanisms. Proposes a space for discussion and monitoring public plans, projects, actions and investments that may have a high impact in the logistic area.

Training, R+D+I and technology

The group examines the organizational needs in training, R+D+I, expertise and encourages cooperating projects between companies and individuals engaged in logistics, in any of its branches.

Internationalisation Committee

We engage in a number of activities with the objectives to enhance International business opportunities and promote the Barcelona Logistic hub.

Multimodal transports Committee

Support group to the development of efficient intermodal transport services, from the tracking procedures to the best practices that increase competitiveness. We specially   focus on the growing demand  of rail goods transport services.

Shippers Committee

Meeting point of organizations representing shippers and end users of transport in order to share lessons learned and common challenges and improve the territorial boundary in favor of greater cost competitiveness, quality and range of logistics services.

Air Cargo Committee

Table aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of air freight transport at the airport of Barcelona and its area of influence from deepening our knowledge of the market (strategic destinations and key industrial sectors), as well as optimization of the relevant supply chains.

Security logistics and dangerous goods working group

Meeting space for logistic agents to discuss new regulations on safety and security at local, national and international level. As well as sharing unique projects and specific initiatives that can benefit their business development in terms of security, safety and dangerous goods management.